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    Can I marry a Woman Older than Me?

    I got this question from a Christian friend of mine asking me if it is wrong for a Man to marry an older woman. The truth is there is nowhere in the Bible where a man married someone older and it was condemned (at least to the best of knowledge).

    As long as they're both of marrying age, what's the problem? Of course, whether YOU are uncomfortable with it or not is your choice, but I believe that God has no problem with a young man marrying an older woman. What is wrong, is when a person deliberately misleads another for profit. But before you go to the alter you should know that It takes a lot of love, patience, wisdom and understanding to make a relationship like that work. It is hard work especially as both begins to pile on quite a few years.

    Then the real truth comes out. Oh, in the beginning it does not matter so much. You see. The man/woman has all of his/her teeth, love is new and fresh. We put our best efforts out there. But time takes its toll on us and the relationship. Can you stand the heat? Cause sooner or later the wife will start ageing faster than the man, most people cannot, there has to be a lot of love, for sure and prayers to make relationship like this last long. If both of you really like each other that much then itís really nobody's business but yours. The only difficulty I could foresee is when a man in the prime of his life marries someone who is past child-bearing age. Later he may regret his decision, as time marches on.

    For a woman dating or marrying a younger man is pretty much taboo in our culture (Nigeria), Iíve asked my female friends, and roughly 90percent say they would never entertain the thought of a younger guy but it seems the men are more open (as long as the age difference isnít more than 2 years and she doesnít look older...LOL!). In our society itís perfectly okay for a man to be with a woman decades younger, but when the roles are reversed the woman is called desperate and the man must be with her for her money.

    The basic principle of Christian love should be the foundation of any Christian marriage. Anyone who marries a much younger or older person with the wrong motives will not escape the negative consequences. The greater the disparity in age, the harder it may be for others to believe that love is the motivation, and a married couple of widely different ages will face a greater challenge living a full life of testimony before a cynical, unbelieving world.

    - by Noble Iwuoha

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