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    Ten Things Every Pregnant Wife Needs From Her Husband.

    My wife is currently 6 months pregnant with our precious little girl. We are so excited to bring this bundle of joy into the World. Pregnancy has been a serious time of learning, adjusting, and embracing. Here are 10 things every pregnant wife needs from her husband.

      1. Respond to the announcement of the baby and gender announcement appropriately.

      Your reaction to the initial announcement that your wife is pregnant means the world to your wife. When we found out we were pregnant I was equally as excited as my wife. The challenge came when we are about to find out the gender of the baby. I can honestly say I thought we were having a boy.

      I remember the look on my face when we found out we were having a girl. I had to quickly adjust in order to not disappoint my wife. This is such an important moment for her, so she needs to know you are just as excited as she is! This is all a part of the journey.

      2. Tell her she is beautiful and mean it.

      Your wife is going through a lot of changes and with those changes comes a hit to her confidence. Hearing you are beautiful from the man she loves more than anything is something that will keep her heart secure in your love.

      3. Start interacting with the baby.

      The baby is developing inside of your wife, which makes it really hard for you to feel connected to the baby like your wife is. This is why you must make intentional steps to interacting with the baby. One thing I would do each night after my wife falls asleep is hold her belly and pray over my baby girl. This really helped me to start interacting with her.

      4. Massage every part of her body, especially her back.

      This right here will make her fall in love with you all over again. This should be done at least one time every day. Take sometime and ask your wife where she would like a massage, and I guarantee you will have one happy wife.

      5. Donít take it personal.

      Do not take the things that may come out of your wives mouth personal.

      6. Adjust to her changing love languages.

      During pregnancy, the way your wife receives love will change. Try out different things to continue meeting her needs.

      7. Learn what is happening in her mind and body.

      Read books that will help you better understand what is happening in her body. I subscribed to a pregnancy app that sends me emails each morning with a new tip and update on where my wife is in her pregnancy weeks. This helps in our conversations, and even when we are at doctors appointments.

      8. Go to all doctors appointment.

      I was late to our first appointment due to work and the look on my wifeís face when I arrived was something I never want to see again. Your wife wants you at every appointment, so make every effort possible to be at each one.

      9. Let her sleep.

      Your wife will experience a strong drain of energy. Take up some extra responsibilities around the house in order to allow her to rest.

      10. Be patient and enjoy the journey.

      Pregnancy is a journey and if you can be patient with your wife along the ride, your relationship will be come stronger than ever. This is the preparation time for entry into one of the most rewarding seasons of your life.

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