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    Life after I do....It's amazing how clueless we all seem after we get married. Most times there are no plans. We stumble into married life without an iota of what next.

    Marriage is one of the most amazingly sweet relationship to be in. However, all it requires is a sincere heart and a total resolve to make it work. Before anyone is entitled to these column two things cannot be compromised, no one deserves to be battered.

    Secondly, when honour is at stake or you feel trampled upon. If anyone finds himself in any of the two you had no business getting married. So many have passed on due to these negligence of assessment.

    Marriage is to be enjoyed. The regular believe is both parties give 50 percent and the other doesn't bring his or hers there would be a problem, however, if you are both expected to bring a 100 percent each and if one derails at anytime the other person could hold fort.

    Holding fort comes in various forms. As human beings we all have our moments of total irrationality, you know one of those moments when we kind of derail even for one moment. At those times your spouse should keep his or her cool.

    One of the greatest marital secret of all time is you both never loose your cool at the same time. If your partner is raising the roof thta's the time to play the cool by keeping your cool by all means keep calm, bear in mind your moment will come when you would expect the other to keep calm. When you both blow off at the same time the end will likely be chaotic.

    We should also be careful what we say to each other when we are hurt, remember some people never forget what you say to them and you could destroy your marriage if you are someone who speaks before he or she thinks. The idea of a successful marriage is to treat the other person as you would want to be treated and that way things move smoothly.

    Mrs. Okeme Abunene is one of our contributors. An English and Literary Studies graduate from University of Ado Ekiti. She's happily married (15 years in November) and blessed with three kids.

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