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    Ten Things Men Wish Women Knew.

    Ladies, it's not complicated. And guys feel free to add your additional points in the comment sections below.

    1. Just like women, men need love. Even though women have the reputation of being more emotionally needy, men find themselves longing for those words. Please ladies say them often.

    2. Additionally men crave respect and approval. Show them admiration and your wish will be their command. Nag them or attack them and they will retreat to their caves.

    3. Men are not mind readers. They canít anticipate your needs and desires. Tell them what you want. Help them out. They want to give to you but you need to tell them how. Donít be coy; be straight. The proof of their love is not in their clairvoyance but in their response to your clearly expressed wishes.

    4. Men respect what a good mother you are and how much you do for the home, but men do not want to be at the bottom of your to-do list. They want to feel like they are the most important person in your life. (Would you mind getting off the phone when they walk in the door?)

    5. Men desire for physical intimacy is not some trivial biological need that they should just suppress until the kids are older. It is an expression of their desire for a deep and profound connection with you. When you rebuff it, it is hurtful and they feel rejected. Imagine if they are always too tired to talk to you.

    6. Their jobs are important to them Ė for their self-worth, for a feeling of accomplishment, and because they want to provide for their families. Please try to understand that they work hard and are actually not in the bar all day.

    7. You seem to think men are incompetent but they are actually capable of watching the kids Ė and even doing a good job of it! If you want to have a break and get out of the house, please go Ė and trust them.

    8. Men are not another one of your children. Please donít speak of them that way (they donít think itís cute) when talking with your friends and please donít treat them that way. It diminishes them and you.

    9. Men really wish they could give you all the material possessions your heart desires. It is painful to them that they canít. Please donít increase the pressure by constantly criticizing them about it.

    10. Men are simple creatures with simple needs. They donít require elaborate dinners on fancy china. They just want the comfort of a warm home and the love of a good woman.

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